March 07, 2024

Warrior Soul - Drugs, God & The New Republic (1991)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hard Rock
Label Number: DGCD 24389

© 1991 DGC
Despite a promising start with the inflammatory mantra of "Intro" and an eyebrow-raising cover of Joy Division's "Interzone," Warrior Soul's second album, Drugs, God and the New Republic, quickly slides into mediocrity. Unfocused and obviously rushed, the record proved that without the musical muscle to back them up, Kory Clarke's angst-ridden sociopolitical anthems offered little more than pretentious posturing. The disappointments range from the repetitive boredom of the title track to the bad metal of "Jump for Joy" to the palpably forced punk rock fa├žade of "Real Thing" and "Man Must Live as One." Only the manic "Rocket 88," the desperately heartfelt "Hero," and the vibrant chorus of "The Wasteland" offer rare glimpses of genuine emotion, and ultimately, this album proved a holding pattern that failed to capitalize on Warrior Soul's initial potential.

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