June 06, 2022

Devil Electric - Godless (2021)

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Country: Australia
Genre: Doom Metal
Label Number: None

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Devil Electric is an Australian band that offers riff-Heavy Rock with a strong 70s inspiration and with a female voice. They released 1 EP and 2 Full-length EPs, the latest of which was “Godless” out on November 12, 2021 via Kozmik Artifactz. The opener “I Am” begins with powerful guitar riffs, a slow rhythmic session and an enveloping sound that immediately plunges you into the atmosphere of the album. The female vocal is dynamic and intense, an added value for the band, skilled in developing the track with passages that capture the listener. “All My Friends Move Like The Night” already proposed as a single with a nice video, which mixes engaging riffs, an energetic vocal and an elaborate rhythmic session. By now we are kidnapped by the sounds of the band that between Doom bursts leads us more and more inside its own world, a very charged and energetic passage. “Mindset” granite riffs and a solid and rhythmic drumming characterize the first part, with another excellent vocal test by Pierina. In the central part the instrumental section gives depth to the piece and then evolves by increasing the intensity and closing with a distorted guitar in calando. With a dark atmosphere and heavy riffs opens “Your Guess Is As Good As Mine” where in the verses the female voice stands out, to then create a choral duet in the chorus with Tom. The riffs are convincing and the rhythm session accelerates in the second part and then leaves a lot of space for the guitar and the backing vocals in the finale. “Take The Edge Off” begins with a tight rhythm and riffs that immediately catch on, staying in the head for a long time, the vocal is dynamic. Despite the short duration it is a concentrate of energy and involving passages, simpler but very incisive. Here we come to the title track “Godless” is pure energy, with biting riffs, a killer vocal by Pierina and a solid and constantly evolving rhythm session. The tempo changes are an added value in the sound of this track, with deadly accelerations, while the guitar offers a solo of fine workmanship in the central part. “I Will Be Forgotten” begins with a softer acoustic section, which soon transforms with electric guitar bursts, drawing out all the energy the band has to offer. Granitic riffs, engaging and refined, giving a personal touch to the sound, with a massive rhythmic session. Concludes the album “The Cave” where Pierina offers a very intense vocal test, which enhances her vocal skills, and after a softer intro the intensity increases. The track is less aggressive than the previous ones and showcases all the technique of this band, with the intensity that increases with the passage of the song with elaborate textures and a good instrumental section. A very energetic and engaging album where the band is able to highlight all the individual technique of the artists involved. Expectations were met, finding in this record all the ingredients that one expects when listening to a Doom Rock album. A recommended listening, very intense with catchy riffs and a solid rhythmic session. This band certainly still has a lot to give to music and this release confirms the good heard on previous albums.

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