January 15, 2022

Dropbox - Dropbox (2004)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Post Grunge
Label Number: B0002057-02

© 2004 Universal Records
Dropbox's debut is emblazoned with a sticker blurb from Sully Erna, who proclaims that the band's melodies are the best he's heard since Alice in Chains. That's high praise. But it's also a bit misleading, since Dropbox are the first signees to Erna's Realign/Universal vanity imprint. The Godsmack mastermind also had a hand in Dropbox's creation, introducing guitarist Lee Richards (himself a former member of Godsmack) to vocalist John KoscoErna also played drums on the majority of the band's self-titled debut. What all of this really means is that Dropbox doesn't fall very far from the Godsmack tree. Whether the vocal harmonies of post-grunge anthems "Wishbone," "Unfold," and "I Feel Fine" really are on par with Alice in Chains, there's no question that the band is Dropbox's primary -- some would say only -- influence. KoscoRichards, fellow guitarist Joe Wilkinson, and bassist Jimmy Preziosa temper their sludgier moments with brooding material ("Take Away the Sun"), and also find time for some straightforward heavy rock in the vein of Tantric ("Run," "I Told You"). But for the most part, Dropbox stick to recycling the powerful riffs and throaty vocals of vintage grunge, whether it's Alice or the chugging bottom end of Soundgarden, most apparent in the aforementioned "Wishbone." Godsmack fans won't be disappointed, even though Drop don't pack quite the metallic crunch of that group. The real audience for Dropbox seems like the casual active rock radio listener, the fan willing to take harder moments with the soft, and looking for melodic progressions suggestive of grunge's past glories.

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