January 17, 2022

Brett Anderson - Slow Attack (2009)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Chamber Pop
Label Number: BAS 002

© 2009 BA Songs
Moving back from the slow, stark WildernessBrett Anderson nevertheless maintains a gentle touch on Slow Attack, his third album and first full-fledged independent release. Strangely, Slow Attack feels less indie than Wilderness, largely due to the gorgeous, subtly layered arrangements, anchored by quiet, insistent pianos augmented by creeping cellos and murmuring guitars. Despite these muted colors, the album plays more like the sustained mood piece of Wilderness than his appealingly mannered eponymous debut, with the songs easing into the next, never breaking a sweat and rarely calling attention to themselves, but unlike his sophomore set this doesn’t require much heavy lifting from the listener: it’s reserved but welcoming, a mellow meditation that never gets too melancholy.

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