July 01, 2021

Infamous Mobb - Special Edition (2002)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Style: Gangsta Rap
Label Number: LSR 9209

© 2002 Landspeed/IM³ Records ‎
It took Infamous Mobb quite a few years to get their debut album, Special Edition, out on the streets. They reportedly got tangled up in label dealings that never really panned out as they would have liked, but whatever the reason, the wait was worthwhile. The trio is obviously hungry here, and they come across as energized throughout the album. It helps, of course, that they have one of hardcore rap's chief producers working alongside them: the Alchemist. He lays down most of the album's beats, and they all bear his trademark sound, one that is harsh, eerie, and always banging. Infamous Mobb themselves are fairly typical for Queensbridge. Like Mobb Deep in particular, they brood about the ins and outs of life in the projects, a life characterized by various kinds of strife, whether gun-, drugs-, or money-related. It's nice to hear the trio trade off verses with one another. Their synergy is apparent and impressive. Special Edition is ultimately what you'd expect it to be: Queensbridge-style hardcore rap influenced by Mobb Deep and Nas. It'd be more ideal if Infamous Mobb were a little more unique in their approach, but if you're a fan of their style, you should be plenty satisfied with this album regardless. If you're new to the Queensbridge sound, you're advised to start with Mobb Deep or Nas first, as Infamous Mobb aren't quite on that level of exceptionality. In any event, it's nice to finally have their debut album out there on the streets after years of waiting and waiting and waiting.

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