October 01, 2020

Funebrarum - Beneath The Columns of Abandoned Gods (2001)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Death Metal
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© 2001 Necroharmonic
Reviewed by Stefan Franke for Voices From The Darkside.de
Do you like it dark, brutal and fucking old school? Yeah, well then get this fantastic MCD by US Deathers FUNEBRARUM who are (as the name might suggests) heavily inspired by the old Finnish Death Metal legends FUNEBRE or DEMIGOD. Beside these Scandinavian influences one can recognize slight doses of sick and sinister American acts like AUTOPSY or INCANTATION in FUNEBRARUM’s cocktail of death. Each of the five relatively long songs (from 5 – 8 minutes) is excellent in itself and varies between aggressive blasting, unholy Doom-parts with short keyboard accents like on DEMIGOD’s debut and typical old school straightness. The vocals are deep yet flexible and especially in the slow passages sound as morbid as DEMIGOD’s original vocalist Esa Linden – great job, Daryl Kahan!!! The guitar work deserves to be positively mentioned here as well, because there are some really good Death Metal riffs to be discovered in songs like ‘Adoration Of Abscessed Cadavers’ or the closing ‘Depths Of Misery’. Also that the MCD is as long as many albums that are thrown onto the market has to be honored in this review. To sum it up, FUNEBRARUM’s “Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods” is a valuable Death Metal release, that summons up the intensity and darkness, that made the ancient days of this genre so special and fascinating. To get a copy of this morbid offering check the mailorders or contact Necroharmonic directly: Necroharmonic Productions, PO Box 1271, Kearney, New Jersey 07032, USA Website: www.necroharmonic.com

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