October 03, 2020

Electrasy - Beautiful Insane (1998) ☠

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Alternative Rock
Style: Britpop
Label Number: MCD60051
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☠: Selected by Lass
© 1998 MCA Records
Reviewed by NME.com
A GOD’S HONEST TRUTH: FOUR OUT OF every three 16 to 24-year-olds spent this summer in Ibiza snorting, guzzling, popping, frugging and shagging their way around the clock. Which means that at least 110 per cent of all British ‘youngsters’ whiled away their holidays in time-honoured crappo fashion, except that it was soundtracked by slightly ‘coooooler’ music and they got the splendid opportunity to witness a shedload of Radio 1 dudes and dudettes quite literally pissing away a chunk of their licence fee. Excellent!

Or should that say “Essential!”? Because – yes indeedy – there is nowt da yoof of today likes better than to dig out a re-re-remix compilation album heartily endorsed by some dead brill disc jockeying type like Foxy Carl Cox or Pete Ding Dong. Fair play to those left-field lotharios The Chemical Brothers, then, for caring to join this ear-warping elite, and even fairer play to the duo for daring [I]not [/I]to preface their slice of studio trickery with the same sort of punter-bullying ‘Essential!’ logo which implies what if you don’t buy this record you are so square your mum still knits your breakfast, daddio.

If any indie tykes anticipate a mish-mosh of commerce-busting Chemicals collaborations with the handsome likes of Noel Gallagher and little Timmy Burgess then hold that thought right there. True, the curtain to ‘Brothers Gonna Work It Out’ is eventually brought down by mixes of the Manics’ ‘Everything Must Go’ and Spiritualized’s ‘I Think I’m In Love’, but the other 21 tracks featured herein are a hefty collision of the obscure, the funky, the originators, the eclectic, the hip-hop-tastic and the slightly more obscure.

In true Hitchcockian stylee, the Chemicals even make cameo appearances with ‘Not Another Drugstore’, ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’ and ‘Morning Lemon’. They pay their respects to electro fiends Meat Beat Manifesto and Renegade Soundwave via ‘Mars Needs Woman’ and ‘Thunder’ respectively. And the beats go crunch-crunch-munching through the infamous likes of Unique 3, Freestyle, Kenny Dope, The Micronauts and, of course, Barry Devorzon & Perry Botkin Jr’s ‘The Riot’.

What is to be remembered is that this is a nonstop party album. For old people, that means it’s a bit like ‘Stars On 45’, only slightly more subtle and much, much, much longer. Like all good parties you have completely lost track of everything that is going on after 15 minutes of gibbering, teethgrinding, groove-massaging mayhem. And, like all the most clever party records, it has odd bits where not very much happens so you can bugger off to the kitchen and accidentally find another tin of lager in that carrier bag hidden behind the bread bin without missing anything. Good.

Oi! Got any Farmers Boys, mate?

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