October 03, 2020

Abominable Putridity - The Anomalies of Artificial Origin (2012) ☠

Country: Russia
Language: English
Genre: Death Metal
Style: Slam Death Metal
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Abominable Putridity put out the album In the End of Human Existence back in 2007 as some sort of “slamsterpiece.” There was a lot of praise about the album, because I guess it appealed to people that had never listened to slam or much brutal death. It was horribly uninteresting and frankly pretty crappy. So when this album was announced I didn’t think much of it at all.

Fortunately that changed, though. When the promo for it came my way, I was blown away. Not only because of the massive increase in quality but because it was actually just AWESOME. I suddenly went from not giving two shits about this album to being one of my most anticipated releases. But does it live up to my massive expectations of the promo?

This album is something of a Chinese Democracy of brutal death metal because of its ridiculous inception time and a couple vocalist changes. When I heard that promo, the first thing that struck me was MATTI FUCKING WAY. Matti Way (ex Disgorge and Pathology) is possibly my favorite death metal vocalist of all time. He’s got such a unique sound but is still insanely brutal and has a lot more variance than most other brutal death vocalists, as well as the ability to be more succinct and powerful with his timing instead of just dragging on. His depth and technical approach really adds a layer to any album he’s on.

The instrumentation on this album is surprisingly more than predictable slam stuff. I’m not going to tell you it takes any sort of talent beyond basic practice for a couple years to play slam, but I see talent here. There’s a lot of neat and somewhat intricate timing going on from everyone to give it a powerful groove. The drumming is great but not overly ridiculous, so it provides a crazy heavy beat but doesn’t venture into the realm of “gravity blasting so much I can’t hear anything else” or anything like that.

One thing that’s really going to set this album apart is the guitar riffing. There are some weird slightly core influenced riffs here that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza or Ion Dissonance track. Not to say that this is by any means a core album, but those weird dissonant sweeps, tapping, and hammer on riffs occasionally factor in. The majority of the guitar work here is just really awesome and coherent slam and brutal death stuff, with the occasional bass solo like on every other slam release ever.

The fact that this album feels tighter and coherent (not to mention insanely catchy it is) probably makes it, along with newer Pathology, and good starter album for slam getting into slam. As a person who frequently listens to slam and brutal death but not as much as other genres of metal, this album really impressed me. Usually albums that take this long to create never end well. There were maybe 4 albums that got me to headbang while in my room by myself before, but now there are 6.

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