September 13, 2020

Lifelover - Erotik (2007)

Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish (Svenska)
Genre: Blackgaze
Label Number: OPCD 214

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Review by "Hongrui" for Heavy Metal
Featuring past and present members of other notable Norwegian bands such as Urgehal and Beastcraft, including the late Trondr Nefas (RIP), Erotik Nekrosis is Endezzma‘s debut full length effort more than 5 years of silence after the release of the 2007 EP, Alone. And with a lineup such as this, things can hardly go wrong as the band goes on to present 40 minutes of classic Norwegian black metal.
Chants greet the listener on opening track Junkyard Oblivion, before distorted voices appear, transporting one immediately to a post-apocalyptic setting, but shit gets real quickly as the band soon assault the listener’s ear with their rather thrashy brand of black metal. While the double bass-pedalled fury of drummer Carl hits the listener hard, the reckless riffing of Trondr on the other hand helps to make this onslaught a rather catchy affair, as the listener soon finds himself headbanging to the speedy black metal that is on Erotik Nekrosis. Sorgar’s vocal delivery, while mostly sticking to the tried and tested gruff black metal growl, at times helps to bring in a slight punk feel even. The slight punk sound that is on the album is not limited to the vocals only though, as the riffs of Trondr on the album, and even the bass lines, like on the intro of Enigma of the Sullen easily bring to mind later works of bands like Satyricon, helping to make this one hell of a fun record as well. Yet the band does not forget the atmospheric element that is so crucial in black metal, with the inclusion of haunting organs throughout the album helping to bring about a sense of mystery to the otherwise rather straightforwad music on the album, also giving it a somewhat old school feel at the same time. Slower songs like Hollow even brings about a rather depressive mood, bringing the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride as the album progresses.
This being one of Trondr’s final works, the guitar work on Erotik Nekrosis are also one of the attractions of the album. Apart from the usual black metal riffing that one might be familiar with on his works with Beastcraft and Urgehal, the abundance of lead segments throughout the album also display his shredding abilities. His versatility is also displayed with the ability to steer the emotions of the listener in the music with his guitar playing, easily going from a fast and aggressive style like on the opening Junkyard Oblivion to a calm and almost melancholic mood in the middle of Enigma of the Sullen, almost sounding like a ballad if not for the high energy segments that precede and come after it. Of course, such tracks also display the band’s songwriting versatility, and is probably my personal favourite track off the album with the variety of styles that are included on a single track, the seamless transition between moments and the ability to keep the listener enchanted throughout the entire 8 minutes.
The high energy that is maintained throughout the album, the superb instrumentation on the album and the great atmosphere all make Endezzma‘s debut a strong one, and one that is impossible to not enjoy.

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