September 03, 2020

Circle of Dead Children - The Genocide Machine (2001)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Grindcore
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AllMusic Review by Alex Henderson
Some grindcore/death metal bands like to play at only one tempo: ultra-fast. Their albums are limited and one-dimensional -- an approach that is great for annoying parents (which is exactly the idea) or distancing yourself from rock's mainstream, but doesn't take long to wear thin. The Genocide Machine, however, is a bit less predictable than other grindcore/death metal releases. On this ferocious, blistering CD, Circle of Dead Children doesn't play at the same tempo 100% of the tempo. There is plenty of ultra-fast, 500-miles-an-hour stuff, but the Pittsburgh band still changes tempos more often than (just to give a couple examples) Dark Funeral or Triumphator. While changing tempos doesn't make Circle of Dead Children unique in the grindcore/death metal field, it does give The Genocide Machine a bit of variety. The thing that does the most to set this CD apart from other black metal efforts is the influence of avant-garde noise rock -- even though grindcore/death metal is the band's foundation, traces of noise rock do find their way into some of the material. The Genocide Machine won't convert anyone who doesn't already have a taste for grindcore, although Circle of Dead Children does deserve credit for trying something a bit different.

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