September 21, 2020

Benediction - Grind Bastard (1998)

*First pressing. 
Contains 14 tracks total.
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Death Metal
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© 1998 Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Lior “Steinmetal” Stein for
And here I found myself checking out another Death Metal titan, which sent me back to my teenage years as a young Metalhead exploring the veils of Metal music. BENEDICTION, one of the top British Death Metal bands, gave me the chills back in the day with their forceful identity. Such a massive infusion between brutal Thrash and Death Metal, incensed by fumes of American Death Metal al’a OBITUARY and others of the Floridian construct. Heading back to 1998, to recollect shards of memory of their fifth album, “Grind Bastard”, originally set ablaze by Nuclear Blast Records only now to be reissued by Metal Mind Productions. Did you wish for a proof that Death Metal began changing after the mid 90’s? I assume that would find one of the many verifications right here on this album.

Though not far from their wilder days of the classic early 90’s Death Metal years, where the Brits also slayed and poured blood like the very best that rose back then, BENEDICTION showed that a modernized version of Death music was right there around the corner with a sharp look, and even went on to consume them enough to be evident. “Grind Bastard” still sounds heavy as hell, riff infested digestion of the utter simplification along with the severely driven grooves that carved a change in old school Death Metal. Generally, BENEDICTION, sounding like a reminiscent of MACHINE HEAD and ACCUSER, which also turned the other cheek to Thrash Metal and became a much groovier reigned band, appeared to have augmented a few changes in their style.

Furthermore, the band uplifted their slight Punkish valor like on “Magnifica” also following their chosen cover for the Punk clan of ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE with the song “We Are The League” and lest I forget the goony “We The Freed” that is not far for an old Hardcore expanse. On the other hand, BENEDICTION also exposed signs of exploring, abundantly to be reckoned as minor special with “Carcinoma Angel”, which asserted the band’s true Death Metal platter sniffing a dazed American vibe with stints of DEATH like harmonies and riffs. “Agonized” was actually the single track from this release that represented the band’s mixture of chuggy groove nature and Death Metal waft better than others. Like meat and potatoes, it served the band’s basic along with a promising directed yet to be fully induced and paid out.

Unlike the band’s majestic past, BENEDICTION on “Grind Bastard” are more urban, concrete absorbed and less darkened ritualistic. There are sections of a repetitive and monotonic origin, less inspired segments stuffed with filler riffery on vacant spaces that a solo would have done wonders to. You might noticed the less to be desired covers for JUDAS PRIEST and TWISTED SISTER. Nevertheless, it is still a release to bang your head to and feel the groove. The sound is updated and breaking, right there for your consummation.
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