May 09, 2020

Razor - Evil Invaders (1985) ☠

*First pressing on CD. 
Contains 10 tracks total.
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Speed Metal, Thrash Metal
Label Number: RO 9732 2
☠: Selected by Buccaneer
© 1985-1989 Viper/Roadracer Records
Reviewed by Larry Griffin for Metal
There's something very gratifying about such simplistic, bashing music. Razor are a Canadian Thrashing machine from waaaay back in the 80s, and this was their sophomore effort, and it fucking rules. There's nothing modernistic or trendy about Evil Invaders, as it is more or less the antithesis of what is widely considered "good music" - it's raw, dirty, grimy stuff with a razor-sharp, crunchy guitar tone and a yammering, punkish style of vocals that fit the music like a glove. The solos are fast, sloppy and shredding, and the song structures are basic and bare-boned. But the clincher here all works! This is one of the most completely and utterly METAL albums I've heard in a long time! It's music that the average Joe would be completely repulsed by, yet I fucking love it.
Why, you ask?
It's simple - Razor just know how to thrash, and they get right to the point. No bullshit interludes, no ballads, no intros or outros, no flirting with other genres, nothing. They simply went into the studio and punched out a short, sweet, and to the point album of ballsy, gritty, thrashing insanity, without even looking back to make sure they were doing everything perfectly. If you're a fan of metal, as I am, then you should be able to easily understand this sort of concept. It's all so concise and straightforward that it's really hard to criticize it, and if you try, you'd likely only be criticizing it for the things that are GOOD about it - its simplicity and its vicious, throat-ripping mentality.
Standout tracks? The whole album is great, as it more or less all sounds the same, being thoroughly consistent all the way through. The title track is probably the best, followed by the longest song here in the pulverizing "Tortured Skull," and the instrumental opener is a fantastic way to start off the album - it will get you headbanging straight away, exactly like any opener for this sort of music should do.
Razor's music will never be well liked by the non-metal community, but that just makes it all the better; a treasure that is all ours, and one that we'll never have to give up to the mainstream masses. This is the essence of metal, and I can't see why someone who likes Thrash Metal, or Heavy Metal in general, in the slightest would object to Razor or Evil Invaders. Essential.

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