May 17, 2020

Exumer - Possessed By Fire (1986)

*First pressing. 
Contains 9 tracks total.
Country: Germany
Language: English
Genre: Thrash Metal
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Review by Scott Jessup for Sea of
In 1985 vocalist and bass player Mem V. Stein along with guitarist Ray Mensh started a metal band called Exumer. The following year the German group released their debut Possessed By Fire, this vigorous early Thrash Metal album has now been given the re-issue treatment.

The notes that accompanied the material for this review read "classic thrash metal albums" and "by legendary German band", so do two releases make you a legend? It also says the bands had a large following so maybe to some fans these claims are justified. After experiencing Possessed By Fire I wouldn't go that far as having been a Thrash fan since the 80's I've certainly heard my fair share and know what I would call "classic" material, like that on the "legendary" Slayer album Reign In Blood.
While Possessed By Fire isn't the perfect Thrash recording it is still a good one and considering that after all Possessed By Fire was a debut, and it can be cool to hear a band starting out and finding their way. Also when it comes to Thrash metal there are great vocalists and more often than not those that simply do the job, and well, Exumer's falls more into that later category. The sounds of "Intro" gives the impression something dark is coming and it is as Exhumer takes flight with "Possessed By Fire" a rampant thrasher as is "Destructive Solution", the bells toll for "Fallen Saint" where the guitar work in the chorus made me think back to Slayer's "Black Magic". Possessed By Fire is a mostly intense Thrash album as Exumer speed through their songs with some respite shown before resuming that pace once more.
So you can pick up the worthwhile 2012 versions of Exumer's Possessed By Fire and also the follow up album Rising From The Sun (See other review), with the added bonus of some unpolished sounding demo material on these latest editions of Exhumers "classics".

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