December 22, 2019

Xentrix - Scourge (1996)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label Number: HMR XD 198

© 1996 Heavy Metal Records
Written By Matt Honey for Hard Roxx Magazine: July, 1996
Brit thrashers Xentrix are back for another go after most people had forgotten them and, surprise surprise, they don't play thrash anymore. Yes, they have gone the Pantera route, hardcore style vocals and some vicious rasping riffs bionic double bass drum work. Sadly for Xentrix I have a rather sick feeling that this bandwagon is up on bricks with the wheels missing. It's sad, because they have obviously had to change musical style to survive and sad because for a bunch of Brits it's a bloody good example of the genre.
Once again, like the Wraith album reviewed in the Re-Issues section I am will impressed by the guitar work, this time it's courtesy of Kristian Havard and Andy Rudd. Dennis Gasser on drums and bass player Paul MacKenzie drive the entire show along mercilessly and the whole effect is one of immense power. I bet they were blown away when they heard the final mix. I also bet that vocalist Simon Gordon enjoyed making this album; shouting, singing, screaming, he does it all. Any band that can produce a track like "Strength Of Persuasion," deserve a bit of success and hopefully the more Metallica style riffing on songs such as "Never Be," and "Breathe," will do the trick.
Xentrix are back and they are angry.

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