December 17, 2019

Evile - Five Serpent's Teeth (2011)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Thrash Metal
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Reviewed by by "Denys" for My Global
Is nice to see the continued revival of Trash Metal in these tough times in the music industry, especially in the metal scene. When bands like Overkill and Testament came back with a crushing ripple effect and delivering strong albums a few years back, I was wondering if it was time for the new breed of Trash to resurface in younger and potential heavy hitter bands, Evile answer that call with a mighty punch with their new record Five Serpent’s Teeth.
These UK natives probably reaped the benefits of this new class of Trash as they are not dead on they’re 5th studio album and previous ones had been well received. And I am sure that being compared to bands like Metallica doesn’t help your status either. Is not my prerogative to compare any trash metal band to bands like Metallica, but let’s just face it as with any metal head or a kid growing up listening to metal in the 90’s, they influenced the culture and the aura that was metal in those days. So to compared the similarities in style and riffing is justifiable, now to my surprise the lyrics are pretty decent as well and combined with the crunch style of some menacing grooves on this album, Evile has perfected a common used formula in the genre but more polished.
You pretty much know what your getting into when you pop a Trash Metal album in your player, heavy hitting melodies, neck breaking groove alongside some wicked hymns that’s a throw style to the old school. The more melodic track “The Cult”, takes a step back for a  minute and settles for more straight up heavy metal approach, as it’s not as heavy and ear-crunching as some of the faster up tempo tunes, but it works none the less. The slow acoustic opening of “In Memoriam” is a nice touch and shows the band diversifying a bit and the thought out melodic solo here sets a nice melancholy mood overall.
Lead singer Matt Drake spits out some fire steel on the James Heftfield inspired “And Justice for All” circa track “Eternal Empire”, who listen to the assault on the drums, damn battery explosion and head crunching, sick solo in between this mind mending encroachment.
Alright let’s give you the skinny here why don’t we? I’m sure you read the rave reviews already on this record, and partially they are on the money. Unless you’re a Trash elitist or something, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t dig this album, is pure ripping metal at it’s best with a similar style to yes those early trash forefathers from the 80’s. I don’t have to explain anything further then that. The new breed of bands like Vektor, Hexen or Violator that have entered the genre are playing with a high skill of piercing revamped metal that has spiked some more interest in this style of music. Evile is in that category and you as a fan know what you should expect already, but that’s not a bad thing either. Tight down your helmets ladies and bare for an incoming full fist of assault because it will not be forgiving.

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