September 10, 2019

Seether - Disclaimer (2002)

Country: South Africa
Language: English
Genre: Post Grunge
Label Number: 6 0150 13068 2
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AllMusic Review by Jason D. Taylor
The hard rock trio known as Seether has concocted an album that is ripe with vulnerable angst, as Disclaimer is a debut that follows the path that bands such as Staind and Cold have capitalized on in the 21st century. In fact, Seether's moody rock edge borders on the formerly prominent grunge style once championed by another trio, Nirvana. This comparison may be a bit overboard, yet the first half of Seether's debut does expose a visible Cobain influence on these three men from South Africa. Songs like "Gasoline" and "69 Tea" are overbearing and weigh heavy on the listener's mood as Seether churns through these aggressive yet depressive bursts of attitude. The album evens out as it progresses, as tracks such as "Driven Under" and "Pride" are reluctantly catchy yet assuredly satisfying in riling one up or allowing you to calm yourself down. Seether reveals its weak side on the mellower songs, as "Sympathetic" and "Fade Away" stumble along like the group is unsure of itself. They are much more comfortable in the raging aggro stomp of "Pig" and "F**k It," which could become a volatile theme for the Y generation. The album closes with the one successful laid-back song: "Broken" is mellow yet confident, as vocalist Shaun Morgan finds the courage to open himself up without releasing a scream every few seconds. Disclaimer is an album that breaks no new ground, yet manages to find its footing as it unfolds and eventually wins the listener over with moody determination

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