September 14, 2019

Napalm Death - Order of The Leech (2002)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Deathgrind
Label Number: SPT-15172-2

© 2002 Feto Records
AllMusic Review by Wilson Neate
Love or loathe them, you have to respect Napalm Death for sustaining such sheer ferocity, intensity, and volume over 14 albums. Purists complain that the band lapsed in the mid-'90s, sacrilegiously flirting with melody, texture, and conventional rock structures, but Napalm's post-millennial releases have recovered the edge perhaps lacking on records like Diatribes, without going backwards. As Time Waits for No Slave demonstrates, Napalm Death hold to their core values of extreme noise terrorism while also keeping things fresh on each new album. That's evident, for instance, in the atmospheric elements punctuating the assault: ominous vocal coloring on "Fallacy Dominion," dark introductory ambience on "Passive Tense," and a doomy choral conclusion to "Downbeat Clique." Mitch Harris' riffing takes a few atypical turns as "Work to Rule" fleetingly visits black metal territory and the title track's discordant guitar evokes Sonic Youth. Lyrically, though, it's business as usual. The state of the world in 2009 obviously isn't cause for cheer, but at least it gives primordial growler Barney Greenway plenty to rant about: "Life and Limb" denounces torture as Embury and Herrera's rhythm section veers between Swans-like pounding and explosive acceleration; "Strong-Arm" embraces nonviolence; "Diktat" attacks the policing of morality; and the title track rages against the capitalist machine. "On the Brink of Extinction" even tackles ecology and evolution. Ironically, while the punishing music and Greenway's indecipherable, violent delivery suggest otherwise, the sentiments behind many of these songs are actually no different from those once expressed by docile hippies strumming acoustic guitars. And although the metal genre is inextricably linked with an alienated, individualist spirit, Napalm have been relatively anomalous in having a communal, essentially socialist outlook, rooted in their original anarcho-punk influences. Time Waits for No Slave finds Napalm Death keeping faith with their past, albeit without stagnating: within extreme metal's seemingly limited parameters, the band finds modest ways to keep its sound energized and vital.

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  1. @ Buccaneer: Many Thanks !!! Worth mentioning - the Japanese version of this album contains two Septic Death Covers "Thaw" + "Terror Rain" I can upload the CD complete with scans if you want... in fact, I have most of the Toy Factory editions here if you want ?!

    Thanks Again for all the Uploads !!!

    1. Much appreciated but sorry love. We don't do Japanese pressings and we don't accept album donations. If we don't own the album, it won't be published. We don't own many Japanese pressing since they don't interest us and they are more expensive considering we we are in the world. Scans and any other extra material is left out intentionally. We scan only covers. For the full experience, we urge everyone to buy the albums. This website features our personal library and will always be this way. 😊

    2. Thank you for the reply Lass - really appreciate it !!! Honestly, I never would have expected anything I sent over to be published - just something for your personal archives : )

      Manners + Respect


    3. Thank you for the kind words, love 😊 I'm pretty sure Buck has the remaining albums. I personally don't like the extreme stuff. That's Buck's gimmick 😁 Certain albums are missing/not published due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's not possible to extract clean rips from our CD's due to the condition they are in. And other times we just lose interest in certain bands/artists as time passes. Some change for the worse and others stay the same for the worse. We're fans but we're also consumers and we won't purchase music that we don't like or aren't interested in. 😔

      A bit off topic here but before the Sentinel's bot came into the picture, I used to get a lot of requests from the Hip-Hop fans for certain albums, specifically Cardi B. Rihanna and Drake's recent work. I like Hip-Hop but I do not, for the life of me, enjoy Cardi B.'s music at all so me buying anything by her is never going to happen. There was a time where I enjoyed Drake's music but as time passed, his later work became insufferable. Rihanna will never be featured on this website because I've never been a fan of her music either. The same goes for Sentinel.

      That's just not how we operate around here and I think our library between the 3 of us is very diverse to the point where we don't need a request forum. The Heavy Metal section seems to be doing fine as it is. There's been no complaints about it's content so for my money, I think the diversity in that section has been well received by our audience 😊


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