September 11, 2019

Ludichrist - Immaculate Deception (1986)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Crossover Thrash
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© 1986 We Bite Records
AllMusic Review by Jason Anderson
Before designing the trans-genre metal novelty act Scatterbrain, Tommy Christ and company were known as the thrash/hardcore act Ludichrist. The debut full-length issued under the preliminary moniker for Combat Records, Immaculate Deception, failed to attract much attention after its release in 1986. What little notice the record received was generally concerned with the single "Most People Are Dicks." Like the majority of tracks in the band's catalog, this song boasts alternately hyper-sonic and comic rock guitar riffs that churn underneath singer Christ's hardcore belches and misanthropic one-liners. Years later, this formula would evolve into the more dynamic Scatterbrain blueprint, generally quieter and even more dependant upon Christ's wit. Too convoluted for its own punch lines and too lighthearted to be considered from a serious perspective, Immaculate Deception should only interest devoted Scatterbrain fans and '80s metal completists

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  1. are you going to just post "old school music" what about the new ones? ( please don't take it as a bad thing , i'm just asking and i'm sorry for my my bad english )

    1. We publish only what we own on CD, love. The year does not matter. If we don't own the CD, we don't publish it. I don't like the extreme stuff 😕 so I can't tell you if Buck owns the rest of the catalogue. The only thing I can tell you is that he has a lot of this stuff.🙂

    2. No. The only "new" music that will be published are albums that we have purchased. Releases from 2018 are available. "New music" in general will not be published just for the sake of it. If we have no interest in new releases, we will not buy them nor will we publish them. We do not take requests. Not now, not ever.

    3. There are plenty of sites that have links to new releases. It's so nice to have one that doesn't do so.


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