July 30, 2019

Fight - K5: The War of Words Demos (2007) ⚓

*U.K. pressing. 
Contains 16 tracks total.

Country: U.S.A./United Kingdom
Genre: Heavy Metal, Groove Metal
Label Number: MGE7077104
.FLAC via Mega (Link)
.AAC 256 kbps via Mega (Link)

© 2007 Metal God Entertainment
AllMusic Review by Greg Prato
When Rob Halford left Judas Priest after the Painkiller tour had wrapped up, word spread that his next project would focus more on the "power metal" sounds of such acts as Pantera. And this certainly proved to the case with Halford's next project, Fight, and their in-your-face debut from 1993, War of Words. By the early 21st century, Halford would be back with Priest, but with War of Words picking up a cult following with metal fans over the years, several Fight-related releases reared their head in 2007 and 2008: War of Words: The Film, the box set "Into the Pit," and K5: The War of Words -- Demos. As its title states, the latter release collects demos of the tracks that would later be re-recorded for Fight's debut album, and also mixes in a few new tracks recorded especially for this release. Such War of Words classics as "Into the Pit" and "Nailed to the Gun" prove that they were already quite vicious and slamming in the early stages, while such new tracks as "Now You Die" and "Beast Denies" prove that Fight could easily pick up precisely where they left off if they decide to reconvene in the future.

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