June 24, 2019

Transvision Vamp - Little Magnets Versus The Bubble of Babble (1991)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Pop Rock
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© 1991 MCA Records
AllMusic Review by Alex Henderson
One 1991 release that certainly didn't deserve to be neglected was Transvision Vamp's \Little Magnets Vs. The Bubble of Babble, an eccentric and quirky effort drawing on both early-'80s new wave and '60s rock. Though the group sometimes inspires comparisons to outfits like the Divinyls and Siousxie & the Banshees, this obscure band has a sound and a vision all its own. Lead singer Wendy James doesn't have a great range, but she does have a lot of personality and a healthy sense of fun that serves her well on both the band's own material and an unorthodox version of Bob Dylan's "Crawl Out Your Window." The album may have been a victim of bad timing -- in the early '90s, corporate rockers like Poison, Bon Jovi and Warrant still reigned supreme, and major labels weren't rushing to sign and aggressively promote every alternative band they could get their hands on. Perhaps a few years later, it would have enjoyed the attention it deserved.

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