June 13, 2019

Dodgy - Ace A's + Killer B's (1998)

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Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Alternative Rock, Britpop
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AllMusic Review by Jason Damas
Dodgy were never considered to be one of the more important bands in the Brit-pop movement; rather they more often played the part of jesters to the more critically and commercially acclaimed bands who rode on the wave of the movement during the peak of its popularity. It is no surprise, then, that lead singer Nigel Clark left the group in mid-1998 when the popularity of Brit-pop had officially hit an all-time low. With the release of Ace A's and Killer B's, a 18 track greatest hits and B-sides retrospective, the band effectively closed the book on their first incarnation and also opened the doors for the future. The disc collects nearly all of Dodgy's finest moments from their first three albums and 19 singles onto a single disc featuring one new single "Every Single Day." It seems pointless to be so nostalgic over a band that was so short-lived and released so little material, but what is contained on Ace A's and Killer B's is nothing less than first-rate Brit-pop. From the sloppy, electrified "In a Room" to the tribal beats on "The Elephant," there's enough here to please any fan or non-fan. The inclusion of several B-sides and the one new track makes it essential for collectors as well. The only true flaws are that a few singles are substituted by lackluster album material ("Grassman," "Ain't No Longer Asking") and that Dodgy will never make music like this again. [Some copies of this album were issued with a second disc featuring remixes of many of Dodgy's biggest hits and album tracks. While the disc is competent electronica, it hardly represents the sound of the band as a whole. Dodgy were essentially trad-rock revivalists, so their songs don't work well in the remixed format. Also, the tracks are so heavily remixed that almost none resemble their original versions, especially since the remix disc is largely instrumental. The double-disc version is truly for collectors only.]

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