February 01, 2019

The Jerky Boys - The Jerky Boys 2 (1994)

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Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Comedy
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Review by Allmusic.com
Hello, may I please speak to a Mr. Ben Dover. Hi, do you have Prince Albert in a can? Well, don't you think you should let him out? In the tradition of such venerable ring and run classics, comes this second Triple XXX rated party album from the Jerky Boys.
JERKY BOYS 2 is a compendium of crank calls, with cartoon-sized goofers on one end, and John Q. Public goofees on the other. While some goofees are considerably less credulous than the Jerky Boys might like, others play their straight-man roles in the grand tradition pioneered by Allan Funt's "Candid Camera."
A Wall Street barber shop proprietor mechanically offers to see a job-seeker, who gives every indication of being the hairdresser from hell ("What kind of styles are you looking for...Look, I'm pretty far out there...Like I used to shoot people's heads up with Novocaine and carve grooves in their heads. If that's too far-fetched you've got to let me know..."). And then there's the hostile Frank, who materializes as a violent drunk, a disgruntled homeowner flinging Mexican roofers into his yard, and a prospective client for a security service ("I need some security--I'm very insecure...no, me personally..."). So, feeling hostile? Don't despair--JERKY BOYS 2 is there.

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