February 26, 2019

Stuck Mojo - Snappin' Necks (1995)

*A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Rapcore
.FLAC via Mega (Link)
.AAC 256 kbps via Mega (Link)

© 1995 Century Media
AllMusic Review by Bret Love
Though they were one of the earlier bands to jump on board the rap-rock bandwagon, Atlanta's Stuck Mojo never achieved the massive fame of groups like Rage Against the Machine, who kicked a similar stylistic blend. Their idea of neck-snappin' rap-metal wasn't exactly a new idea, even in 1995 -- the sound's been around since Run-DMC's first album -- but at least Stuck Mojo did turn it up a notch, backing aggressive rhymes with some of the hardest double bass-pounding grooves this side of Pantera. The group's high testosterone and volume levels, and virtual lack of funkiness, ensure a somewhat limited appeal, but for angry young men with too much pent-up energy, the powerful aggression of Snappin' Necks must be close to heaven.

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