February 04, 2019

Pentagram - Human Hurricane (1998)

*This compilation features several rare and previously unreleased recordings from the 1970's. Mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions. A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock
Style: Traditional Doom
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© 1998 Downtime Recordings
AllMusic Review by Eduardo Rivadavia
Wholly unauthorized and quickly vanishing from print, Human Hurricane was the first retrospective of Pentagram's legendary early-'70s material to emerge in the late '90s. Packing a whopping 17 tracks, most of them recorded live and obviously transferred from very poor-quality tapes, this is essentially a bootleg, kids -- despite the surprisingly convincing packaging and liner notes making claims to the contrary. So unless you're a Pentagram fanatic of the highest order, you'll be best served seeking out the more concise, but infinitely superior-sounding First Daze Here collection. But for certified Pentagram obsessives who can actually lay hands on a copy of Human Hurricane, its highlights include the extended jamming of "Target," the psychedelic hard rock of "Much Too Young to Know," and the storming parting shot of Bobby Liebling's ultimate vampire tale, "Burning Rays."

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  1. how is it that you have this Sentinel? from rap to metal? i'm impressed and i hate rap but i've been following your metal posts and you have some great stuff man, thank you for this! it's been out of print for years 🤘

    1. I was a B-Boy first and a Metalhead second. That's why I have an extensive library of Hip-Hop. The first albums I purchased were Hip-Hop albums back in the mid 90's when I was a kid. I stopped listening to Hip-Hop in 2005 when Southern Hip-Hop, Lil Jon & Crunk had completely taken over the genre. That style was awful back then and it's still awful in 2019. 2005 was also when I started listening to Metal. Fast forward to 2006 and that's all I was listening to and it's been that way ever since. I still look forward to every new release along with any new bands that catch my attention. I don't know what's been going on in Hip-Hop since 2005 and I don't care to know either.

    2. really? 2005?! i had no idea so you've been a metalhead now for 14 years and it must still feel new to you am i right? considering you were a kid in the 90's listening to rap and all - i've been a fan since the 80's and you have some of the traits of an older fan like myself which i think that is great! welcome to the darkside brother and thank you for sharing you library with us 😈

    3. It does actually but that's also what I like, that it still feels new to me. Thank you for the kind words.