July 24, 2018

Rigo Tovar - 2 En 1 (Edición Limitada) (2006) ☠

*Compila los álbumes "Rigo '81" y "Matamoros Querido" en 1 C.D. 
Incluye audio remasterizado y las versiones/grabaciones originales.  
Contiene 20 pistas en total.  
Una foto del disco está incluida en el archivo RAR.

Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (Español)
Genre: Cumbia, Romántica, Tropical
.FLAC via Mega (Link)
.AAC 256 kbps via Mega (Link)

☠: Selected by Sentinel
© 2006 Univision Music Group/Fono Visa Records
*No professional reviews available for this release.

tags: rigo tovar y su costa azul, rigo tovar, 2 en 1, 2006, rigo 81, matamoros querido, flac,


  1. Hello, I'm new here, just read the rules, I hope not to make any mistakes. I want to report that FLAC link is dead and I would really appreciate if the link was repaired. Thanks in advance.

    1. Sorry love but this is a publication posted by Sentinel. He is currently not available and I cannot update any of his or any entries that say "By Buccaneer" or "By Sentinel. Pleas re-read this article again.


      You properly reported a dead link but it's on a publication that I did not write. I don't have access to this or any files by Buccaneer of Sentinel.

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    5. The FLAC link has been updated. *Enlace actualizado (FLAC)

    6. Thank you very much!