July 31, 2018

Grip Inc. - Solidify (1999)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Groove Metal, Thrash Metal
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© 1999 Metal Blade Records
AllMusic Review by Vincent Jeffries
On this their third release, the Dave Lombardo-led Grip Inc. seem to be reaching beyond the thrash and power-metal relentlessness of their first two recordings. Joined by new bassist Stuart Caruthers, ex-Slayer drummer Lombardo, vocalist Gus Chambers and guitarist/producer Waldemar Sorychta, deploy a more open, but still aggressive approach on Solidify. Drummers can again marvel at Lombardo's expressive and technically excellent tom work on cuts like 7"Bug Juice" and "Lockdown." More room is give to Chambers on mellower numbers like "Human?" and "Griefless" and the singer gives accordingly dynamic performances. While Grip Inc. move slightly away from their all out aggression on Solidify, they maintain their highly progressive flavor without ever confusing the musical issue. The resulting material may have a more song-driven feel, but on Solidify, the LA band never compromise their dense musicality or fiery message.

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