June 10, 2022

LV - How Long (2000)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: R&B
Label Number: 4974742

© 2000 Loud Records
It's been years since L.V. brought his substantial vocal ability to Coolio's 1995 monster hit "Gangsta's Paradise." His menacing baritone was the highlight of that single, but on How Long, L.V. takes a decidedly smoother approach. While his name, L.V., stands for "large variety," one would think it stood for Luther Vandross after hearing him croon on track after track on How Long. The most successful song is the title track, "How Long," which features a catchy chorus and a sharp guitar line. On tracks like "Rain," he seems to try too hard, as he tests his vocal range beyond its limits and the results sound amateurish. As for how long How Long will be remembered, it is unlikely to linger in listeners' minds after a few listens, but it may be able to get them through a night or two.

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