June 11, 2022

Crisis - The Hollowing (1997)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Metalcore
Label Number: 3984-14141-2

© 1997 Metal Blade Records
The previous Crisis, Deathshed Extermination, did not register on radar. But, The Hollowing phosphoresces brightly. The distorted rock guitar and vocal rhythms probably would equate to some bland and punchy by any one else, but Karyn Crisis' reckless vocals make the material captivating. She leaps the steep cliffs, going from a breathy seduction to a fang-bearing range in just a few bars. This cannot be good for her pipes, but it makes Karyn queen of the metal femmes for this year, in my book. She even has the bushy eyebrows and peevish expression I find so engaging in Helen Bonham Carter. The long dreads are a plus, too. Hey, I'm getting away from the music here, right? Sure, but now that she has our attention, let's have her work with material that shows the same range of emotion with more cleverness and less challenging song structure and her albums will be best of something for more than a year. Over ten people were involved in the recording of this album.

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