February 13, 2021

Heltah Skeltah - Magnum Force (1998)

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Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Style: Gangsta Rap, Pop Rap
Label Number: P2-53543

© 1998 Duck Down/Priority Records
Heltah Skeltah, the duo of Duck Down Records family members Rock and Ruck, released their second album, Magnum Force, a declaration of the prowess of their clique of the same name. The first song, "Worldwide" (produced by Self), sets the tone with a refrain that lets the listener know: "we gonna rock the world...if not mutherRuck the world!" The following selection, "Call of the Wild," is also produced by Self and again uses an altered string sample that makes the song feel threatening and dangerous. Featured on "Call of the Wild" are Starang Wondah (from O.G.C.), the Representativz, the young Hardcore, and Doc Holiday. Method Man joins Heltah Skeltah for a thug anthem, "Gunz 'N Ones," produced by S.M.O.K.E.. Starang Wondah comes back with Doc Holiday to spit lyrics with Rock and Ruck on the up-tempo "I Ain't Havin' That," which uses a Redman vocal sample plus the bassline and sounds from A Tribe Called Quest's "Hot Sex." More collaboration occurs on "Brownsville II Long Beach," where Tha Dogg Pound lend their West Coast lyrics and production (by Daz Dillinger) to make a respectable track. "Magnum Force," the album's title song, was produced by Grand Daddy I.U. and features the Representativz added rhymes and Ruste Juxx's vocals on the chorus. The theme of the album switches with "Hold Your Head Up," produced by Nod and featuring Anthony Hamilton's vocals. The uplifting message in this selection and optimistic plea for all those downtrodden to endure is an effective break in the violence and gun talk that predominates on this album. The album ends with one of its stronger selections, "Gang's All Here," which features the production of Smoke and nine minutes of lyrics from members of the "Magnum Force Crew" and Boot Camp Clik. (Buck Shot delivers the most notable lyrics in this song.) This album offers only one major sore point: for those who dislike poorly executed efforts to mix R&B and rap music, they will find "Chica Woo" a skippable song. The skits are mildly amusing and make it appear as though there are 19 songs on this album, while there are actually only 14 songs, and five skits or interludes. A strong album, but hardly more advanced than their last effort, Nocturnal.

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