August 19, 2020

Old 97's - Fight Songs (1999)

*A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Alternative Country
Label Numbers: 62373-2

© 1999 Elektra
AllMusic Review by Zac Johnson
Texas troubadours Old 97's moved farther away from their traditional C&W sound on their 1999 release, Fight Songs, instead incorporating warmly distorted guitars and crunchy rhythms into their brash pop songs. Thankfully for fans of the band, the terrific songwriting is still there, but the sound is a little more polished than the twang-a-billy bombast of their previous album, Too Far to Care. The heavy grit of the lead track, "Jagged," is augmented by Rhett Miller and Murray Hammond's bright vocals, whereas the rhumba stylings of "What We Talk About" slinks along like two strangers locked in a tango. Songs seem more thoroughly constructed this time around, relying less on pure bravado and more on structure. That works well for the most part, but there's something lacking that was unrelenting and instantly likable in their previous release. That being said, Fight Songs is still a bright and worthwhile album with as many strong songs as any of their releases.

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  1. I've discovered alternative country on your website. I love their sound. I think this album really defines the genre's name. Thank you, Lass !

  2. Moonchild, if you like alt country then check out Uncle Tupelo's swansong, "Anodyne". That LP is still one of the best of the genre.

    1. Uncle Tupelo is a great band. I wonder if Lass owns any of their albums... I personally prefer "Satellite Rides" over "Fight Songs" but this one is great also.

    2. I own all of their albums on CD 😉 but I don't have them with me 🙁. They're in my apartment and I'm currently staying in my parent's house due to COVID-19. I'll have to pick them up during the next trip. I already have some albums on me that I want to publish first but Uncle Tupelo will be featured eventually. "Satellite Rides" is my favorite album by Old 97's. 🙂

    3. Thank you ! Can't wait to try these :)


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