April 11, 2020

SOiL - Scars (2001)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Alternative Metal
Label Number: 80813-20022-2

© 2001 J. Records
AllMusic Review by Jason D. Taylor
Soil relies on heavy riffs and catchy choruses to hook listeners in with their album, Scars. Scars is a straight-up rock & roll album, albeit with a modern twist that will make older listeners reminisce of rock from their youth, yet still has enough raw energy to keep younger fans entertained. Soil, who has found stability with J Records and this release, is bound to break through rock's glass ceiling. Songs such as "Breaking Me Down" and "Halo" have evident commercial appeal, yet have a coarse grittiness that is refreshing compared to many well-oiled industry singles. Vocalist Ryan McCombs has rock star quality oozing from his every pore, and listening to his boisterous bellows, one can easily envision him alongside such icons as Axl Rose and James Hetfield. Soil surely has a stable future ahead of them, as Scars is an album that embraces the rambunctious spirit of rock & roll and allows it to overwhelm the listener. Soil may not appeal to those looking for the latest in hip-hop/metal, but for those wishing a band would come along who could induce the feelings that Appetite for Destruction or Metallica's Black album once did, Scars is for you.

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