May 21, 2019

Sharpe & Numan - Automatic (1989) ☠

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: New Wave, Synth Pop
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☠: Selected by Lass
© 1989 Polydor Records
AllMusic Review by Michael Sutton
Somehow Automatic has become the most overlooked album in Gary Numan's discography. A collaboration with Bill Sharpe (keyboards, producer), this album isn't as groundbreaking as Numan's earlier work. There's nothing futuristic about this; it's an LP that echoes the predominant sound of England in the mid-'80s, specifically the mix of synth pop and soul brewed by bands like the Human League and Heaven 17. Automatic really moves; there's not a wasted moment. The catchy "Change Your Mind" should've been a bigger hit than "Cars"; driven by Roger Odell's vigorous drums and Sharpe's disco-fueled synthesizers, "Change Your Mind" latches onto a sweltering groove. Sharpe & Numan never deplete themselves of hooks. "No More Lies ('89 Mix)," "Breathe in Emotion," and "Voices" are just as addictive as "Change Your Mind." Numan is as moody as ever, however, he expresses more emotion here than before. The frosty detachment of "Cars" and "Down in the Park" is absent. In addition, anyone expecting sci-fi or supernatural concepts in the lyrics will be let down; the songs on Automatic are aimed at broken hearts. Nevertheless, Sharpe & Numan never allow the feelings of dejection to corrode the album's pace. Sharpe & Numan only slow the tempo on the reflective ballad "Welcome to Love." Numan has never sounded more human than on this album.

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