January 04, 2019

Immature - On Our Worst Behavior (1992)

*A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: R&B
.FLAC via Mega (Link)
.AAC 256 kbps via Mega (Link)

© 1992 Virgin Records
*No professional reviews available for this release.

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  1. thank you lass! couldn't find this in flac anywhere.

  2. FLAC link is dead :( Can u re up please?

    1. The FLAC is still active. What problems are you having?

    2. Really?!! That's weird. For me, impossible to skip the adf.ly page. On this adf.ly page, when you click on skip, you move to the mega link... but not for this one. And i know that's happen sometimes when the mega link is dead.

    3. You have to click on "Allow" once the blue screen appears after you click on "Skip Ad" This is Adfly not us. They've introduced this new feature and they are testing it. Some links have it and other s don't. We have no control over this. Once Adfly concludes that this new feature is successful, we will be allowed to enable or disable this feature at will.

    4. Thank you for your help and your time @sentinel. I appreciate that. I did that too, and also ask a friend (different country) to try it and that didn't work for him too. We confirm that happened with several links... too bad! Anyway, hopefully adf.ly will fix the problem... or maybe you can find try alternate links.

    5. Just so we're clear. I have tried this on Firefox, Opera and Chrome and the links work just fine. The way I explained earlier works without problems on the desktop. I have some screenshots for you. Both links are working fine. There's no trickery or deception here.

      - Screenshots:

  3. yoki billMay 22, 2019

    after download, the file won't open.

    "An error has occured. The structure of the archive is damaged."

    1. Spam Dectectors v 3.5May 22, 2019

      "This problem has been addressed numerous times. The answer is available for full display in the FAQ's section as well as the sidebars of the home screen. A link to the FAQs section as well as a screenshot of the home screen's side bar are provided below."

      - Screenshot

      - FAQs section

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  4. FLAC link says file no longer available. When mega opens


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