January 29, 2019

Adema - Kill The Headlights (2007)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Alternative Metal
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Review by Sven Hansen for Melodic.net
The first time I heard of Adema, it was only because Jonathan Davis (Korn) half-brother was a guitarist in the band - and I assumed they only received label interest because of this fact. But their self titled debut album was rather good, and received a fair amount of radio play. That was the last I heard of them...
Their latest offering ´Kill the Headlights´ see the band lineup significantly different to the original quartet. New vocalist Bobby Reeves has a good ´rock´ voice, with catchy, memorable hooks - and album opener ´Cold and Jaded´ is a good showcase for this and what the band has to offer. This album definitely sits better in the ´rock´ genre as opposed to the ´nu-metal´corner they were stuck in previously. ´Open Till Midnight´ features some nice bass fills with a grooving drum-beat - while ´Days Go By´ see Adema slow down a gear for mid-tempo tune with some good production work. However I feel the vocals are a bit nasal, and could be more pronounced in the mix. Strangely, good lyrics are never mentioned (or rarely found) in rock/metal acts, but their are some glimpses of magic in ´Kill the Headlights´ tracks, particularly ´All these Years´ has an interesting approach. Nothing on this album really stands out, but it somehow does keep your attention. Another diverse track ´What doesn´t Kill Us’ moves through a couple of genres and keeps one wondering ´what’s next?´ All in all, a good hard rock album - but unfortunately nothing to really grab the listener.
Possibly with more stability in their line-up the future will be brighter for Adema

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