December 22, 2018

GG Allin & The Holy Men - You Give Love a Bad Name (1987)

*First pressing on CD. Contains 7 bonus tracks and 17 tracks total.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hardcore Punk
.FLAC via Mega (Link)
.AAC 256 kbps via Mega (Link)

© 1987-1991 Awareness Records
AllMusic Review by Steve Huey
"I'm a Rapest," declares G.G. Allin on You Give Love a Bad Name, and the supposed provocation and idiotic brutishness in that misspelled song title perfectly sums up not only the album, but most of his subsequent output. No longer content to simply outrage all within earshot, Allin seized upon the notion that obscenity for its own sake was in fact politically significant art, a way for him to become a spokesman for the dirty, oppressed dregs of society. This gross misconception led Allin to pursue the most repulsive topics he could think of -- blasphemy ("Bloody Mary's Bloody Cunt"), self-mutilation ("Castration Crufixtion" [sic]), sexual perversion ("Teenage Twats"), scatology ("Feces and Blood"), violence ("Watch Me Kill the Boston Girl"), and so on -- with a mentally unstable fervor that might have been frightening, had his own stupidity and utter lack of talent not rendered the execution so pathetically impotent. Appropriately enough, the disc concludes with an "Interview From Prison."

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