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A new penalty has been introduced and has been enforced. Any 1 user who now fails to both read and understand the rules that are found on this page will result in the entire publication of the respected genre where the offense occurred to be completely disabled for 48 hours. That means no one can leave any comments, which in turn means no one can request updates for dead links. It only takes 1 person to screw things up for everyone. The information presented on this page is for your benefit - not ours. The recommended browsers for this website are Google Chrome & Opera.

This is an error that is displayed when viewing the download page on the Dolphin mobile browser. It is not present on Google Chrome. The Dolphin error will appear even if a link is still online. (Screenshot submitted by user: Gar.)
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Because of continued abuse, all comments under the name "Anonymous" will automatically be deleted by our Spam bot. You are now required to chose a name before you comment. It can be any name - it doesn't have to be associated with a social media/blogger account. The name can be changed at any given time and no registration is required. Below are several screenshots on how to go about it. Please note that the URL portion of the form does not have to be filled out. It can be left blank and your comment will be published after it is cleared by our Spam bot.

 *Reporting Dead Links/Requesting AAC links*

(*All comments are publsihed automatically once they are cleared by our bot*) We want everyone to read this very carefully. If there are 2 different links present as in 1 FLAC link and 1 AAC link, if you don't specify which link is down, your comment will be flagged as spam and it will be deleted by our bot. We cannot help you if you don't specify your needs. No more warnings and no exceptions will be made. The same will happen if you decide to report a link that is online as "dead" or "not working" Requesting AAC links is also not allowed. If there is no AAC link present, one will not be provided upon request. Requesting AAC links that are not present will result in users having their comments targeted as Spam by our bot. If FLAC links are present and are offline, an AAC link will be provided during the next confirmed update. This section contains all of the information you need so please use it. It is not difficult to download from our website. You've been warned! Think before you comment. Failure to comply will result in users being served by our bot. Screenshots and video proof are provided by our bot when a link is falsely reported as "dead" or "offline" as a response. If English is not your native language, please copy and paste this information and translate it here. You may also comment in your native language and we will translate and respond to you accordingly
*Failure to comply with the rules posted above will result in all offending user comments being deleted and flagged for spam.

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Mediasurfer.ch is free for all users. However when using a free service there are several draw backs. One of these drawbacks is the download quota. Mega.nz has a daily 5 GB download quota. This means that users can download 5 GB's worth of data everyday for 24 hours at a time. When users have downloaded 5GB's of data, they will not be able to download any additional data until the quota is reset by Mega.nz. This process takes approximately 24 hours from the time of your last download. This restriction is enforced by Mega.nz, not by us. Another drawback of this daily quota, is the limit enforced by our bot as to how many requests for a confirmed link that is offline a user may place. This is determined by our bot and is relevant to the size of the files the user has requested an update for. Simply put, the bigger the file, the less you can request. Once the total number of requests for updated links reaches or exceeds 5 GB's users will no longer be able to request further updates. Once you reach this limit, you will be notified by our bot. Read this very carefully! If you continue to request for updates after exceeding 5 GB's, you will be banned from commenting for 72 hours. No exceptions. If users persist and continue to request for updates under different profiles, and additional ban of 24 hours will be placed on you for your attempts. Don't try it. The bot will find you. We don't believe in "premium downloads" Mega.nz and in some cases, Bayfiles, are the default link providers of this website because they are free to use.
*If you continue to request for updates after exceeding 5 GB's, you will be banned from commenting for 72 hours.

*Why AAC and not MP3? What's the difference?*

AAC was designed to be the successor of the MP3 format. Although MP3 is near universal, AAC support has increased. Virtually all modern mobile devices and PC's can play AAC files right out of the box. Although a good audio recording with excellent mastering is always what matters, AAC at a lower bit rate will usually achieve a better lossy version of the original recording when compared to an MP3 file at a higher bit rate. This will be the standard lossy format for this site. It is not subject to change. Below are some comparisons. Please understand that a spectrum image isn't always the most reliable way to determine true lossless audio. The misconception is that all lossless audio does not have cut offs before the 22 kHz mark. This is untrue. Spectrum images for lossless audio are determined by the actual mastering that was done to the original recording during the time period and volume. Many first pressing from the 80's will appear to have a cut off when viewed under the spectrum. The same applies to some albums ;released during the 90's. In the case of lossy audio like MP3, the limitations of the audio format determine how the spectrum image will change as data is lost to exchange for a smaller size.

Various recordings from different decades showing different results.. AAC and MP3 were encoded using the settings listed below. FLAC files came directly from the CD.

"Scream Machine" by Beyond Fear: Original FLAC file ripped from the C.D.
"Scream Machine" by Beyond Fear: Converted from FLAC to AAC, (256 kbps, CBR, Stereo) using the settings listed below.
"Scream Machine" by Beyond Fear: Converted from FLAC to MP3 (320 kbps, CBR, Stereo) using the LAME encoder, version 3.99.

*What's the bit rate for the AAC files? What about the bit rate for FLAC?*

The AAC (Advanced Audio Encoding) files on this site were made using the current version of the Apple based qaac encoder. The encoder specifications are qaac version 2.68, CoreAudioToolbox The original FLAC files are CD rips at 16 bit, 44.100 kHz, stereo, which is the industry standard. All FLAC files on this website have been verified through the use of the Accuraterip database. This metadata for this information can be viewed using programs such as MP3 Tag under the "Extended Tags" option or under "Properties" if one is to use Foobar2000. The AAC files are made using the following encoding settings and use the extension .M4A.


- AAC-LC profile (Low Complexity) -

- Bit rate is 256 kbps, CBR (constant bit rate) -

- All files will use Stereo mode instead of Joint Stereo mode -

*What about requests?*

This one can be seen on the homepage but in case people have missed it, we do not take requests. This is not up for debate or subject to change. Any requests left in the comments section will simply be ignored. Plain and simple. "It's what we have, not what we can find."

* Why do some posts have a skull sign? What is that? *
Every now and then, a staff member will publish an article with this symbol: and even this: ⚓These symbols indicate a "Staff Pick" These are the albums that the staff enjoy the most. Their personal favorites, if you will. These are not "classic" albums or "recommendations" That is not the goal or the idea behind these selections so please, don't take us to "school" for what a classic album is or should be. We don't care. The staff member's name and avatar will be present in every publication that features the ☠ symbol. It is also common for a staff member to publish an album that he or she does not enjoy but another staff member might and therefore, will select it. While we're on this subject, on certain occasions the entire staff will select a certain album that they all enjoy. Should this occur, this symbol will be used: ⚓ and a special "patch" will be present within the publication. This entire section can be accessed via the website's main menu on the homepage by clicking on the "Staff Picks" tab.

*I think the link is infected with a virus! You bastards!*

These images are the result of the "Microsoft Tech Scam" also known as the "Indian Tech Scam" Your PC is perfectly fine. It has not been infected.
The images presented above are part of a phishing campaign known as the "Microsoft Technical Support Scam" These web pages and notifications, although appearing legitimate are actually 100% false and are designed to trick, scare and sometimes, behave aggressively towards victims which in turn, causes them to download malicious software or calling for bogus technical support services that Microsoft and it's affiliates would never ask their clients to do. These pages are bogus. They do not infect PC's. These are in actuality just web pages and nothing more. You can view these phishing pages on any PC if you have the web address. You can also enter the web address to verify the DNS records and the WHOIS information.... You'd be surprised by the information provided to you. An actual infection would result in the operating system to alert the user via Desktop and or an antivirus service, not the web browser  It is staff member Sentinel's job to report and eliminate these phishing pages from the Adfly links.  For more information about  this topic, please visit the following link here.
If you wish to follow Sentinel and his exploits into stopping these phishing pages, please click on this link here.

*Can I send you some links/files?*

While we appreciate our visitors wanting to help, this practice is not allowed here. If you would like to contribute, you can report any dead links in the comments section at the bottom of each post.

*What's the password? Corrupt RAR files/"Unspecified, extraction errors*

The RAR files on this site were made externally by using Win Rar. Updating or downloading the latest and most current version of Win RAR will resolve this issue. We are currently using version 5.70 beta 2. The RAR files do not contain passwords

*When RAR files are password protected, this is what it actually looks like when an archived RAR file is asking for a password. Mediasurf.org does not use passwords for archived RAR files.

If you are seeing this error or something similar, it means you are using an incompatible extraction software. This is not the software/program asking for a password nor does it pertain to one. *A non existent password will not fix this error.*
*Confirmation that the method above was the solution.

*How this matter was brought to our attention.

*Mediasurfer.ch does not store or host any files on it's server. It is an index and all links to content are provided from other servers & are not affiliated with this site.