April 15, 2021

News - April 15, 2021: Full Florenfile integration will begin on April 17, 2021

.News (4/15/2021)

The staff will begin the process of moving the remaining files to Florenfile on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Thee will be a temporary hold on new publications until April 19, 2021. For those that have chosen to leave, we ask that you grab whatever you can before the transition is complete. 

To those 2765 subscribers that we currently have, the staff would like to thank you very much for your support. The output will continue to increase. 

The Hip-Hop section will be expanded to what it was before it was eliminated from the site along with new entries that weren't present before. The same will apply to the rest of the website. All of the previous entries that were blacklisted by Mega.nz will return (entries like Whitesnake, Rainbow, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera etc..) 

We will focus the remainder of the year on newer entries, increased output and the complete removal of Adfly.

. News (3/25/2021)

After much deliberation with the staff, the decision to switch from Mega.nz to Florenfile.com has been made. The website will no longer be free because it can no longer be free. Mega has been extremely unreliable and have now begun to blacklist most of our featured links. Several publications were removed due Mega's constant blacklisting. 

The second factor in this decision is Adfly. Too many technical support scams have hampered our progress, both updating and publishing new links. Staff members spent more time reporting tech support scams to Adfly and other sources to the point where no new rips could be made or be published - and that was just the US traffic! We could not get rid of the international scams that were also present. This service (Adfly) has kept the site free but it is plagued with too many problems. We simply cannot expose our audience to this kind of garbage any longer as we can no longer keep up with the filth ourselves. It has taken too much time away from posting daily.

We recommend that everyone grab everything they can while they still can as the staff is currently moving everything to Florenfile right now. This is currently the transitional period so keep this in mind.
For a list of entries that are on Florenfile, click on the URL below

The positives of this decision is the fact that many of those entries that were blacklisted by Mega could make their back onto Florenfile which in turn, means that they could be featured here as well. Reliable hosting means more publications in the long run and NO MORE ADFLY. We're just hoping for the best. We'll see you on the other side. 

- All files are being moved to Florenfile. Asking for updates will result in a Florenfile link.

. Update: 3/24/2021

There was an error with our redirection link from the old .org domain to the current .ch domain. The website IS ONLINE. It was merely a redirection error. We apologize for the scare and inconvenience this caused. We are still a float.

. Update: 3/14/2021

The staff has just updated their WinRar software. They are currently using version 6.00. Please make sure to update your software to the current version to avoid extraction errors. As always, WinRar is the only software required to extract the files featured on this website. Other extraction softwares such as Peazip, 7z, Win Zip etc... are not required and will produce extraction errors on RAR files made with WinRar

. Update: 3/9/2021

Staff member Lass is currently updating all of her entries in the R&B section. A list of what has currently been updated can be found below. As such, requests for updates in this section will not be published but can still be made. The bot will will not publish your requests but it will send the requests to Lass and later Sentinel so that the entries can be updated at a later time.

- Entries that are currently updated (by artists name):

10.) Bobby Brown: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=bobby+brown (3/11/2021)

12.) Erykah Badu: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=Erykah+Badu (3/11/2021)

15.) Marques Houston: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=Marques+Houston (3/13/2021)

18.) All-4-One: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=all-4-one (3/13/2021)

21.) Alicia Keys: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=alicia+keys (3/16/2021)

22.) Jagged Edge: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=jagged+edge (3/16/2021)

25.) A Few Good Men: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=a+few+good+men (3/20/2021)

30.) Kelly Price: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=kelly+price (3/21/2021)

31.) Jody Watley: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=Jody+Watley (3/21/2021)

32.) Keith Sweat: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/search?q=keith+sweat (3/212/2021)
. Update: 3/8/2021

The F.A.Q.'s section has been restored. It can be accessed via the website's main menu or you can click on the following URL: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/p/blog-page.html This section has been updated for 2021 and features many answers to commonly asked questions. We encourage all users both new and returning ones to read the information provided in the FAQ's section to avoid any mishaps and headaches.

. Update: 3/4/2021

The entire website is now open for requesting updates. We're sorry for the delay. If you requested an update for a dead link and were denied by the bot, those entries have now been updated. All of the staff members are now available and are online. The only exception to the rule is the Hip-Hop section. Comments will be closed indefinitely for this section but a special link is available in every post so that users can report dead links. Simply click on the link featured in each post and request an update there.

The FAQ's section is still under construction as we are currently updating all of the information for the website. Please remember that comments as "Anonymous" are still not accepted due to the high potential of Spam. Simply select a username and proceed to comment if you wish. You do not have to use a Google account and you do not have to insert a URL underneath the "name" portion. Simply leave it blank and proceed to comment. Please view the screenshot below.

The URL portion can be left blank. Simply write/choose a name and click continue to leave your comment.

. Update: 2/27/2020

A huge error has just been corrected. Some of our Adfly link redirected to a blue screen asking for the user to allow notifications. This has been removed. If you encountered a link that loaded this page and are receiving notifications, please clear your browser cache to remove the notifications. Alternatively, you can also remove the cookies associated with these notifications. Doing so will remove these annoying ads from flooding your browser. Please view the screenshots below for more info. We apologize for this inconvenience.

This annoyance has been removed. If you continue to encounter this page, please let us know in the comments section below. Submit the URL of the post and we will remove it as quickly as we can.

In the Opera browser: Click on "Go to full browser setting" Find and click on "site settings" Select "Notifications" Find the Adfly cookies and select "Remove"

In the Chrome browser: Click on "Settings" Find and click on "Site Settings" Select "Notifications" Find the Adfly cookies and select "Remove" 

The website is back online. We are currently at 38% in terms of our updates. The demand for the website to return kept increasing so we opened the website before we were fully ready to do so. We had already mentioned that if this were to happen, the website would not allow comments until the updates were completed. This has been implemented. No comments will be published until the website has been completely updated. 

Our Spam Detector bot has also been reimplemented and will monitor and delete any and all comments left behind. This publications states that no comments will be published. Spam Detector will be there waiting for you if chose to ignore the information presented in this page.

The Hip-Hop section has been restored. Due to past abuse, comment have been disabled indefinitely. Users can still requests for updates via a link that will be present at the bottom of each post in the Hip-Hop section. Please do not use this URL to post comments and or spam. It should only be used for reporting dead links in the Hip-Hop section.

New publications will be restricted to purely Hip-Hop based entries. This will be done to further expand the newly restored section.

Label numbers are now present within the posts. We are currently updating all entries to include the label numbers for every album featured on this website. 

As before, we do not accept requests. Do not use this page to request an update for a dead link. It will be ignored. Enjoy the website.

- Current issues.

A barrage of Microsoft technical support scams have ravaged Adfly via the notifications field. Adfly notifications through the browsers are disabled. We are not sure if these scams have made their way onto the terrestrial ads but we will be monitoring the situation as best we can. If you see any of these scam pages, please upload a screenshot to Imgur and share the link in the comments section of this page along with the number present in the scam. Unfortunately, we can only report the US numbers. If you encounter one of these scams from countries like Japan, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany, please report them to Adfly via the "report this ad" option on the advert page.

This is a Microsoft technical support scam. There is nothing wrong with your PC. These scams originate from call centers in India. The fraudsters will attempt to scam you by impersonating Microsoft. Windows Defender and other Antivirus software will never ask their customers to call them nor will they display phone numbers in their warning. They never have and they never will. As always, we will monitor the ads and remove these scams as much as we can.


  1. I Like CheeseMarch 26, 2021

    It's a shame really, because to be honest the pricing for Florenfile is too expensive and they don't allow slow free downloads. At least Nitroflare allows that.

    Thanks for everything and best of luck with the site.

    1. Nitroflare is more expensive at 30 USD for 30 days. Florenfile has 2 options with the standard being 12.99 USD and this is the one we recommend. We already have 100 subs on this choice. We understand that this decision will not make a lot of people happy but we simply cannot handle the constant mess Adfly brings any longer nor can we keep using Mega as too many URLS are being blacklisted.

      Thank you for the kind words and for your stay. Until we meet again.

  2. Oh well,shouts to sentinel for the update on the R&B section and lass for sharing the music.Thank you

  3. I'm a bit sad about the choice, too, but can understand it. I've found a lot of new music thanks to you guys and appreciate the grace period you're giving us.

    I wish you all the best, thanks for all that music, and I hope you'll have much fun with your site in the future.

  4. God, that's an awful choice of host! no one or little few visitors will use that..Should have tried 'zippyshare' or 'send.cm' scene release groups use them and good for free user. also check out 'mirrorace.org' for other options.

    1. We're using Florenfile. I suggest you re-read the post to understand why. Those services were used very early on (before I got here) in the website's life - the links didn't last very long as they were removed in 3 days or less. We can't keep using Adfly and Mega is blacklisting our links.

      Our decision is final.

      We already have 200 subs more since yesterday. Thank you for your stay.

  5. "nor can we keep using Mega as too many URLS are being blacklisted."
    In fairness the very nature of your site can cause this for any host that will have to act against a valid take down request..even your site would fall under if the vampires at RIAA (/MPAA/BSA/FBI) come sniffing round..even though I and everybody else appreciates your sharing philosophy.

    1. The blacklisting refers to the file not being able to be uploaded to Mega at all, love. This is why various entries have been removed. Some are "tolerated" while others are not. Some files that were already present within the Mega accounts have also been blacklisted.

      Many of these accounts have been deleted just because of that 1 recently blacklisted file - an account that could have contained over 200 files including a file that had already been present for time but was later blacklisted. It never stops. There's a lot of material that I'm still trying to publish and I just can't because of the current situation with Mega.

    2. @Lass: as someone who always looks forward to your posts all the time, I can imagine how stressful the current situation can become. I honestly can't seem to find accurate copies of the Sub Pop albums you've shared so for that alone, I'll be sticking around. I wish you well and as always, looking forward to your newest posts.

    3. Will there be more 80s music from you Lass? I hope so. Many thanks for that recent Stacey Q album.

    4. Thank you @Dolores for the lovely words. The Sub Pop releases were planned and will be available once the transition is complete.

      @Talia - You're very welcome ๐Ÿ˜ƒ and of course there will be more 80's music down the road. The recent Squeeze album that was published was where I was planning on going. I still have plenty of work to do in the Pop section with the 80's New Wave and Synth Pop making up the bulk of what will eventually be published.

      It will take time due to us moving everything to Florenfile but we will get there eventually. There's just so much I have left before I can call it a day.

  6. Well... Thank you for the good times Lass, Buck, Sentinel and Victor! Tried to go premium but the price is too steep for a not-so-frequent downloader. And with the pandemic, while music is an essential part of audiophiles (sanity in my end), will need food on the table. Glad to have been part of MS for the beauty of your rips and for one with OCD, you got the best organization (tags, titles etc.). Stay safe every one! Til next time.

    PS: Will be on the sidelines for now. MS is still my go-to site and will be on the look-out for new uploads and resurrection of those that were taken down. Peace!

  7. Florenfile.com is still a bad choice and the finger to your userbase with no free option, you might have 200+ subs (you're obviously getting a kick back from them) give it a few months you'll be back with tail between legs.

    Your content and inability to offer requests doesn't justify the high Florenfile.com charge IMO, I was just a free user and though like others I enjoyed the Indie/alternative sections, content is small compared to other sources. No disrespect I wish you guys luck.

    1. We never accepted requests because we don't publish material we don't own on CD. That was never the goal of this website. What's featured here is literally our CD collection we've gathered over the years - between 3 people of different musical tastes. There's probably other sites that do accept requests and as we've told everyone in the past, you are free to go elsewhere if you're not happy here.

  8. Oh no florenfile, this is not good news at all. There are plenty other free alternatives for example mediafire for mentioning one of several that exist. Thank you very much for all the countless downloads but I think that my visit to this {{{GREAT}}} website ends today. Sad day 3/28/2021

    1. They used mediafire before. A lot of links were blocked. It's like the more they explain, the more people dont listen. I couldn't download any R&B album in 2019 that was on mefiafire on here because it was blocked. Mediafire put spotify and amazon links in front of the download page smh

    2. That decision was made based on many comments of people wanting us move away from Mega and onto Mediafire. We were well aware of Mediafire not allowing certain files to be downloaded and we tried telling this to people. Sure enough, almost immediately we saw the first comments of "permission denied" from Mediafire links.

      From Zippyshare to Google drive (I still can't believe this request), we've read, tried and seen it all before - all during the times that Mega.nz was used. We've always had the same answer and we were always proven correct. Those other cloud storages are not reliable. Mega was for a very long time but they have now taken the same direction as Mediafire has.

      I don't know how else to explain it to people.

    3. dawg I hear you :/ I was here since the beginning. I remember when people wanted you guys to use that coin url thing instead of adfly because it was less spam and that worked out real good right? the link never even loaded half of the time and now coin url doesn't even exist anymore smh.

    4. I forgot about that ๐Ÿ˜ We knew that moving away from Mega wasn't going to make everyone happy. It's not like we intentionally wanted to make everyone upset. Mega was final straw. It seems as if every free cloud storage has gone the same route at this point. Our sub count is still increasing which amazes me considering we're still moving everything to Florenfile. In time I feel we can rebuild and continue from where we left off - it just won't be with Mega.

    5. I'm cool with that, fam. Do what you gotta do.

  9. Scotty The BodyMarch 28, 2021

    I don't mind not having requests on here. Other do this and then they regret it quickly as too many people abuse that feature only to have the site polluted with trash posts. I'll be staying. I'm not about to complain about the descion. I like what's on here and how it's presented. That's my take. I'd rather Florenfile than 30 dollars on nitroflare or takfile etc... Floren's cheaper.

  10. Don't waste your time complaining and offering a solution that no one will take any notice of, even if you give them 100 options because they are the ones in control. They already made a decision their way, just wait and see how it goes when time goes by and see if it was a wise decision.

  11. I've already commented earlier, but I'm a bit curious about something and maybe you guys can give me an answer (if not, no problems). Currently, I'm not in the position to make the change to Florenfile, but I always liked this site and maybe at one point I can shell out a few quid to join the fun again.
    My question: Clicking on the banner on the top of your page, the link to Florenfile obviously contains a code instead of the bare URL. Does that mean, if I would subscribe over your link that you'd get a small percentage? I might be more inclined to pay if I knew that you guys would get some form of compensation (even if small) instead of me just paying a host for his services. Once again, no problem if you don't want to answer.
    Once again, thanks for everthing

    1. That is correct. Although we already have subs (475 currently) If a decision is to be made, it should be made once the transition from Mega to Florenfile is complete - which will take some time. To those of you who have already subbed, we thank you dearly. To those who are not sure, wait until we are done with the transition. We will be able to post regularly after this and many of the entries that were backlisted should be able to come back as well.

      Keep in mind, if we didn't care about the opinions of our userbase, it would be very easy to disable the comments section in this post as well as the entire website. We are well aware that not everyone is going to stay but everyone must understand - we've already tried every other option previously.

      Mediafire, Zippyshare, Google Drive, Mega.nz etc... These aren't reliable anymore.

    2. Thanks for your answer, Sentinel. Much appreciated

  12. Was nice while it lasted. Have a good one.

  13. Yor the ElderApril 04, 2021

    Is it possible to purchase a monthly subscription on Florenfile? Or is it only available to purchase for a year?

    1. You can do 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days and the yearly. Don't do the yearly. Only what you can (if you can)

    2. Yor the ElderApril 05, 2021

      Thank you very much

  14. I can understand everyones frustration and you guys have done all you can to making the free experience as painless as possible but as someone who HATES ADFLY!!! I'm happy to see it go. Sure there was less scams thanks to you guys but there was no way you clean out that cesspool forever. I will be here when the transition is complete. I won't make things difficult for you guys. Just get rid of Adfly :)

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  16. so Florenfile is $13 US dollars a month? im nervous putting in credit card info. will it auto renew or can i just pay monthly?

    1. It does not auto re-new. You can also pay in bitcoin which we recommend for those who do not wish to use cards.


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