September 27, 2020

A form for dead links is now available, Updates are still on going, Daily publications have resumed (Please Read) (9/15/2020)

* Comments are currently disabled until the updates are completed.*

. Update (September 15, 2020): Comments are still disabled due the on going updates but users can now request updates for dead links and, thanks to Lass, requests for AAC links. That's right, any post on this website that does not include an AAC link can now be requested. If you're looking an AAC link on a post that contains 2 FLAC links, request an AAC llink - it will be provided to you. Please understand that this process is on going and slow and it will remain that way until it is done. We want to have the website updated before the end of the year so please do help us out. The form below contains all of the information you need before submitting a request for an AAC or a request to update a dead link. Please read it carefully. Before anyone asks - this is not a form where you can request an album. This website does not accept requests for albums or other music - we never will so don't bother.

. September 11, 2020: Daily publications have resumed but comments are still disabled due to the ongoing updates. Buccaneer is contemplating a separate page and link where users can submit any entry that does not include AAC links so that they can be updated as well. I still have no confirmation as to whether this will be implemented or not. Further news and updates will be provided in this post when they become available.

. September 9, 2020: The staff are currently updating old entries with new FLAC links and AAC links. Many entries that did not have AAC links are being updated at the moment. Once this task has been completed, comments will be enabled and the website will be fully operational again. Until then, feel free to download and explore the rest of the website.

. List of Updated Entries .

- September 9, 2020

1.) Iced Earth (AAC is now available):

2.) The Afghan Whigs (FLAC & AAC links updated):

3.) Bullet (AAC is now available):

4.) Saliva (AAC is now available):

- September 10, 2020

1.) AC/DC: (All FLAC links updated):

2.) King Diamond: (FLAC links updated; AAC is now available):

3.) Foo Fighters: (FLAC & AAC links updated):

4.) Mercyful Fate: (FLAC links updated; AAC is now available):

5.) Crazy Town: (FLAC & AAC links updated):

- September 11, 2020

1.) Evanescence: (FLAC & AAC links updated):

2.) Veruca Salt: (FLAC & AAC links updated):

- September 13, 2020

1.) Linkin Park: (FLAC & AAC links updated):

2.) Garbage: (FLAC links updated; AAC is now available):

- September 14, 2020

1.) Alien Ant Farm: (FLAC links updated; AAC is now available):

- September 15, 2020

1.) Cathedral: (FLAC links updated; AAC is now available):

- September 16, 2020

 1.) Pantera: (FLAC links updated; AAC is now available):  

- September 18, 2020

1.) Strapping Young Lad: (FLAC & AAC links updated):

. Currently in effect .

1.) Issues with our domain: We were experiencing problems with our domain, namely the CNAME records. These issues have been resolved but our problems don't stop there.

2.) DMCA takedowns: There have been several DMCA take down requests filed for the following artists/bands:

.Deep Purple
.The Rolling Stones
.Gamma Ray
.After Midnight Project
.Michelle Gayle

Because of this, these entries have been deleted and will no longer be featured on this website. Please do not ask for these entries to return. It will not happen.

3.) Vinyl rips have been postponed until next year: The big surprise for this year has been moved for 2021. A suitable scanner for the records sleeves (album covers) cannot be found during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The staff has tried book scanners but they have failed in producing an acceptable scan of the record sleeves. Until the pandemic has been brought under control where the staff can physically find an acceptable scanner in person, there will be no Vinyl rips on this website.

4.) Changes in AAC files: We are not removing the AAC files. We will continue to provide AAC files but we will no longer use the QAAC encoder but instead Apple's native AAC encoder found in iTunes. The AAC settings as well as the results via spectrum images are provided below.

Settings used within iTunes
Bitrate: 256 kbps, VBR

(iTunes VBR is supposedly better than standard CBR. You decide.)

Sample rate: 44.100 kHz

Audio will be in Stereo as opposed to being in Joint Stereo.

 The Extension will be .M4A

- Spectrum images -

FLAC: CD rip, 16 bit, 44.100 kHz, Stereo
AAC (Apple) via iTunes encoder: 256 kbps, VBR, 44.100 kHz, Stereo
MP3 via Lame Encoder: 320 kbps, CBR, 44.100 kHz, Stereo

The explanation: A recent change in the way iTunes is downloaded and distributed has made using the QAAC encoder through Foobar2000 impossible. iTunes is now downloaded through the Microsoft Store for Windows users. It is now an app as opposed to a program. Since none of us use the pathetic Microsoft store, the most current version of iTunes cannot be downloaded. To understand why this is a problem, you need to understand how the QAAC encoder works.

QAAC needs iTunes to be installed in order for one to use it in Foobar2000. This of course makes no sense since QAAC is not an Apple encoder. The reason why someone would want to use a different AAC encoder is because they don't like Apple's AAC encoder found in iTunes.

We converted the original FLAC CD rips to AAC via Foobar2000 - something that not possible on Windows PC's since iTunes does not support FLAC.

The only way we can convert lossless to lossy on iTunes would be if we were to convert the FLAC files to WAV and then convert the WAV files to AAC. WAV however does not save or store an metadata/tags from the FLAC files or in general, meaning we would have to put all of that information back into the files and sort them again from scratch.

ALAC (Apple Lossless) to AAC is possible but like AAC conversions within Foobar2000, it to requires iTunes to be installed which brings back to the same problem we originally had with QAAC & Foobar2000.

We've found out that iTunes has native AIFF support. AIFF is a lossless format. It requires no additional software or extensions to work properly within Foobar2000. The FLAC files will be converted to AIFF first then converted to AAC in iTunes using the settings listed above.

The draw back here is time. It takes Foobar2000 some time to convert FLAC to AIFF and the AAC encoder within iTunes is much slower than QAAC is in Foobar2000. On a positive note, we can still provide high quality AAC files since the only real difference between Apple's native encoder over QAAC is speed. Both encoders produce high quality lossy versions at a lower bitrate than the MP3 does at 320 kbps.

Since we don't have to worry about the Vinyl rips for the time being, we're hoping that this lag will not slow us down very much. If it does, I'm sorry to say but there are no converters out there that can use QAAC without iTunes being installed and the same problems that currently exist with Foobar2000 exists with every other encoder with the exception of FRE:AC. FRE:AC uses its own native AAC but it does not support CBR, only VBR and this is unacceptable.

The rest of the website will remain unchanged. The rules, guidelines etc... will remain in effect when we return. It's been a horrid 2020 so far. If anyone out there chooses to leave, we understand. Our goal is to salvage the remainder of 2020 so that we can have a better 2021 - god willing.

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