June 30, 2020

Buccaneer: The End of Hip-Hop on Mediasurf

It wasn't exactly the easiest of conversations but we finally took a vote. It's over. 6/6/2020 marks the end of Hip-Hop on Mediasurf. Sentinel has made his feelings public in the past as have I but Lass has chosen to remain silent but rest assured, we all voted in favor of it's removal. The amount of resources that were being wasted no longer justified in us keeping it any longer. Rude, stubborn, lacking common sense, toxic, and disrespectful, especially when they don't get their way. That is what the Hip-Hop community became during the end of 2019 up until now. When they receive their downloads for free, we were the best, when it came time to enforce the guidelines that most of them ignored, we were awful human beings. We will ignore them as well. We don't want praise or recognition. We've never asked for it. We just wanted them to respect our guidelines. There are limitations that come with a free website. It's time to move on.

The original Hip-Hop community that we had some 6 years ago was made up of an older demographic, one that was kinder but those were also different times. They have since left when the newer demographic started to make their presence known. All Hip-Hop music and Hip-Hop related material such as soundtracks and compilations have now been deleted from the website. Half of the year has already been lost due to the problems COVID-19 has caused around the world. The problems within the Hip-Hop section just made everything worse for the site. No longer will the site move to a Premium based style. It will remain as it currently is, free. Part of the decision go Premium was in fact due to the tremendous resources that were being spent on the Hip-Hop section. With that out of the way, we should be able to continue as we are, undisturbed.

Given the track record of the current audience, they might not read this post and will leave comments asking as to what happened to all of the Hip-Hop related entries. We will ignore you. This post will remain at the top of the website until you get the message.

I would like to apologize to Sentinel & Lass. They not only put in their time but also their absolute into building that section. Part of the reason why I didn't remove it right away was out of respect to the many hours they committed into making it a great section. - It didn't have to be like this.

We will do our best to make the remainder of 2020 great. That's all we can hope to do.

- Posted by Buccaneer for Mediasurfer.ch on 6/6/2020