August 25, 2018

Black Moon - Total Eclipse (2003)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
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AllMusic Review by John Bush
Underground rappers Black Moon needed to make a splash with their six-years-after comeback record, 1999's War Zone, so they made sure the featured roster included some big names: Busta Rhymes, front-loaded on the opener "The Onslaught," and Q-Tip appearing later on "Show Down." Total Eclipse, the trio's third record, finds them settling into a killer groove, ignoring the guest spots (except for close family like Cocoa Brovaz or Starang Wondah) and relying on the power of the rhyme. "Stay Real," "That'z the Way S--- Iz," and "Why We Act This Way" lay out 5Ft and Buckshot's hardcore DIY agenda. The backing tracks, mostly from da Beatminerz, are the perfect complement -- dense, reedy productions on laid-back, street-wise tracks reminiscent of the titles from classic blaxploitation soundtracks.

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