March 10, 2017

Mot├Ârhead - Rock 'N' Roll (1987)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Heavy Metal
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© 1987 GWR
AllMusic Review by Eduardo Rivadavia
Though they are usually pegged as heavy metal, Mot├Ârhead are actually a rock & roll band in the purest sense. And this aptly titled release reminds you that despite their outrageous speed and ear-shattering distortion, Mot├Ârhead tunes have much more in common with Chuck Berry than Black Sabbath. Unfortunately, the songwriting here is rather uninspired for the band's standards, and the one-two punch of the phenomenal title track and the amusing "Eat the Rich" (the album's only true highlights) are over too soon. Most of the tracks ("Blackheart," "Stone Deaf in the USA," "Dogs," et al.) are just plain dull, and while "All for You" is a lousy attempt at a commercial single, the downright silly "The Wolf" probably could have done without its Monty Python-esque intro.

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